At Langschool, we think that learning a language is much more than learning grammar and vocabulary. For us, learning a language is learning to perform actions that involve the language. However, going abroad and getting in touch with native speakers is far from a guarantee of success. There are many factors involved in the process of learning – such as the amount time devoted and the pace at which each individual learns – that make it difficult to guarantee the achievement of a high level of proficiency, or even a significant improvement, in a short period of time.

At Langschool, we design courses where students interact with native speakers, and teachers interact with students in the same situations. The syllabus is designed according to the principles of the Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) approach, which holds that learning takes place when learners are actively involved in using the language. The maxim that marks the difference between TBLT and other approaches is “learning by doing”, and the maxim that makes Langschool unique is “language by experience”.

With TBLT, we take linguistic immersion one step further; we allow students to spend time experiencing, interacting, playing, having fun, and thereby learning the language. We combine learning and real-life experience in courses that involve more than just regular classes and tourism; we incorporate, as an integral part of the syllabus, out-of-classroom activities in which teachers play an active role and through which students learn by interacting with the real world.

To integrate learning and experiencing is not an easy job. Langschool would not exist without the principles of TBLT and without the empirical research that scholars have carried out for decades and which forms the theoretical base for our philosophy and our way of teaching.

Furthermore, we think that what we create and what we design for you can always be taken a step further into greater immersion. In order to consistently improve our techniques for combining authentic experiences with language learning, innovation plays a key role in our philosophy. To that end, we’re constantly carrying out research to aid the process of innovation and to make our courses better and better.

At Langschool, we are committed to offer the best quality courses following the principles of TBLT. For that purpose, the Fundació Bosch i Gimpera (a foundation of the University of Barcelona), works as our pedagogical partner to help us to design and review our courses by carrying out an external audit. As proof of their quality, our courses have the seal of the University of Barcelona as a guarantee.

At Langschool, our students are both learners and our guests. We would like the students of Langschool to feel at home – once you enrol in a course, you become part of the family of Langschool –. From the very first moment, we help you become familiar with our environment. We design syllabi in which the tasks involve you in city life, help you enjoy our culture, appreciate our gastronomy, and get to know our traditions. After all, learning a language is learning to be a part of a society and a culture.

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